Retouching Basics

Set Up For a Strong Start

In this collection, we have gathered the articles that will help you to understand what retouching is and what considerations you should be aware of, as well as the concepts of beauty, biology, and aesthetics; retouching tools and techniques, gear and tech for the best retouching results.




common mistakes retouchers make
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Beauty Retouching, High-End Beauty & Fashion

Six Mistakes to Avoid While Retouching

In order to become a skilled retoucher, it is vital for every artist to recognize when they’ve gone too far with their retouching, and what mistakes to watch out for. Training your eye to discern the differences between quality retouching and visually poor retouching should be one of the first steps on your journey. Below, we will discuss six aspects that can greatly impact the quality of your retouching.

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Beauty Retouching, High-End Beauty & Fashion

Retouching Eyelashes and Eyebrows in Beauty Portraits

In this beauty retouching tutorial, out guest writer, Minsk-based Art Director & Retoucher, Alexey Adamitsky will demonstrate how to deal with delicate facial features such as eyebrows and eyelashes in post-production. --------------- Beauty retouching requires a great deal of concentration and attention to...

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The world of professional beauty retouching is very exciting, collaborative and diverse, however, the percentage of skilled professionals who are qualified to work for commercial clients in the beauty, health and wellness industry is very small. While a myriad of freelancers compete at the bottom of the retouching market, skilled retouching professionals are in high demand because of the sheer number of businesses that create an enormous amount of visual content today. They all need qualified post-production help: processing, retouching, color-matching.

This course is created by commercial beauty photographer and retoucher Julia Kuzmenko McKim (Los Angeles, CA) and professional retoucher and educator Sarah Tucker (London, UK).

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Duration: 5 hours
Videos: 24 video lessons, including 2 full retouches from start to finish
Practice Files: 3 Raw files photographed by Julia Kuzmenko & Anita Sadowska
Additional Materials:
Custom Brushes + Job Application Checklist + Pro Retouching Vocabulary
Format: Digital Instant Download

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