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5 Quick Composing Tips to Create Dynamic Images

Hello Fellow Retouchers!

To create a fantastic image we have to make so many choices, the most impactful of which are often the simplest ones. How a photographer composes can turn an “ok” image into a great one. Retouchers as well can sometimes overlook cropping as an invaluable tool to boost the wow factor in the images they work on. Push yourself to compose in unexpected ways!

Whether you are a photographer composing the frames, or a retoucher in charge of post-production of the final image, here are 5 quick composing tips to incorporate into your process.

Fill the Frame

Filling the frame is a great way to create a more interesting image to look at. The way you do this is cropping tightly on your main subject. I like my subject to touch at least 2-3 edges of the frame to really create the feeling I’m going for.


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina

Look for Shapes and Lines

The human form creates beautiful shapes and lines as it’s moving. It’s about finding the right angles and training your eye to see the opportunity to create it. When we have a strong shape or line, it carries the viewer’s eye across the frame and can lead to the focal point in the image when done well.

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Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina

Place Your Subject Off Center

We all know of the Rule of Thirds, but it is a tried and true method of composing beautiful and interesting shots. Placing the subject off center horizontally or vertically catches the viewer off guard and therefore causes them to pause and view the image for longer than if it was placed in a predictable place.


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina

Shoot Through or Block the Subject and Focal Point

When our main subject is not placed in the foreground, this creates interest because it’s unpredictable composing. We are used to seeing the subject in the foreground, then seeing the middle ground elements and finally the background, but what if you mix the order of what we usually see? This is a great way to instantly boost the interest of the viewer.


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina

Surround your Subject or Focal Point with A LOT of Space

Just as filling the frame with your subject creates interest, adding more space than expected around your subject creates an equally dynamic image. Placing your subject off center with a lot of negative space on the side is a great way to utilize two composing tricks in a single frame.


Photo & Post by Eugenia Carolina

What do you guys think? Can you think of any more composing tips to share?

Photo and Post: Eugenia Carolina
Instagram: @eugination

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