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Back Up Your Wacom Tablet Settings

Dear RA Artists,

A member of our RA Community reported some issues that he encountered with his Wacom tablet (Intuos Pro S) after updating his tablet driver to the latest version, from 6.3.15 to 6.3.16 today and we wanted to remind you to always back up your tablet preferences just like you normally would with your smartphone.

Having your tablet preferences backed up is especially helpful if you customize your tablet and stylus settings.

Use Wacom Tablet Utility.app that can be found in the Wacom Tablet folder in the Applications (Mac) or All Programs (Win).

Backup Your Wacom Tablet Settings

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Backup Your Wacom Tablet Settings

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Here’s a quick video tutorial from Wacom that will help you through the process:

Special thanks to Vladimir Ambia for suggesting this post.

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