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When your retouching and communication skills are at the level when you are confident offering your services to your future clients, you will find that there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered: how to find those clients, how to impress and keep them, how to charge for your services, what kinds of jobs to accept, etc.

Our articles below will help you prepare to dive into your retouching freelance journey and grow your business with more confidence!

Starting Out As a Freelancer

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Beauty Retouching, Commercial Retouching

Becoming a Professional Beauty Retoucher

The world of professional beauty retouching is very exciting, collaborative and diverse. You never stop learning and growing as a creative professional because every job is a set of new challenges that keep your problem-solving and retouching skills sharp and ever-evolving. 

Read on if you are interested in becoming a Professional Commercial Beauty Retoucher.

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Professional Communication & Attitude:

Marketing & Sustaining Your Business

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