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Generative AI for Freelancers

The freelance world is undergoing a seismic shift propelled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI.

In my latest blog post, you will find how I believe this transformative technology is reshaping the industry and can help YOU to recession-proof your freelance business and grow as an independent creative.

Discover how Generative AI isn’t a threat but a catalyst for creativity and efficiency.

How it can revolutionize your workflow, from generating images to use in your digital art, photography, and retouching to expanding your service offerings as well as accelerating your own marketing efforts.

Check out my brief article with additional sources about the potential of Generative AI for freelancers like yourself:

Generative AI: New Professional Trajectory for Freelancers

Ready to go further?

If you are already fully aware and ready to dive deeper, join me in exploring Generative AI with MIT’s Applied Generative AI Course starting March 18th, 2024.

Use my referral code JULIA:371-8MJ22KC to save $312 on your registration

Register now to secure your spot and unlock the future of freelancing with AI:

This course begins on March 18, 2024

Looking forward to learning along with you!

Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Retouching Academy Founder & CEO,
Commercial beauty photographer & retoucher
Los Angeles – Dallas

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