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Because we are a human institution to serve Artists, and not solely a for-profit organization, we strive to ensure you will receive the knowledge and reassurance necessary for your professional and Creative growth. Even though we may not get to know you, we hope that your creative journey will be elevated with our help.


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Video Courses

Our Pro Beauty Retouching and Skin Retouching video courses are hosted on our new streaming platform: login here.

The rest of the video courses are delivered right into your inbox at the time of the purchase. Please use the Contact form below to let us know if you need to re-download your previously purchased courses and what email address you purchased it/them with.

Looking For RA Panels?

Our RA Panels are hosted on the dedicated website Retouching Academy Lab. If you need to re-download your purchased panel, please login into that website using the email or Username you created at the time of the purchase.

Don’t remember your password? Please follow these guidelines.

Please note that all buyer transactions are registered in our system under the email address you used at the time of the purchase.

Questions? Get In Touch:

Whether you have a question regarding our current educational products, a suggestion for a future course, or you think your skill level and experience can be valuable to our readers, drop us a line!

need Help with ra panels?

For RA Panels questions or support, please head over to the Retouching Academy Lab website and submit a ticket to the RA Panels Support team.

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