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For Better Retouching Think Like an Art Director

As photographers and retouchers, we are used to scanning our images in search of the smallest blemishes and flyaway hairs to remove. However, there’s a bigger picture to look at before you even get to that level of details.

Try thinking as though you are an Art Director of the company that hired you, or the person who will be putting this image out as a piece of art for the world to see.

Often, those people don’t think of an absolutely pixel perfect skin, but what they care about is what will stand out to the target audience when they see the image – ultimately the customers of your client.

Those are the things that people who want to hire you will be judging your portfolio by.

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Watch this example of how to approach your retouching as an Art Director:

Photography by Isaac Ruiz.

Find free Raw images by Tales for your practice here.

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2 thoughts on “For Better Retouching Think Like an Art Director

  1. viola says:

    An art of Image Retouching, aptly a hard-learned craft by people who have brain cells from the same origin as Picasso.

  2. Sharon Rosa says:

    Fantastic information about photo retouching service. This is a very informative article for all designer. Thanks For This

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