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Color Grade Like A Professional

Owing to the free and open nature of the internet there’s a lot of content, and not all of it is good. There are countless retouching tutorials and many, I would even say most of them, teach some pretty bad habits that just wouldn’t fly in a professional environment.

That’s why when there’s something out there for free from a respected professional it’s always worth a look. That’s the case with this extensive, and free YouTube tutorial series by Krunoslav Stifter.

The free video series is packed with supplementary advice, including choosing a RAW convertor and monitor, alongside solid retouching fundamentals for anyone aspiring to the commercial advertising look. There are hours of information and advice here with something for everyone from beginner to pro, and the whole tutorial is broken down into small, easily digestible segments.

We looked at the color palette used by Louis Vuitton in an earlier article, and this video series provides an extraordinary dive into the workings of that precise look, so when you have a free half an hour, make yourself a coffee and sit down for part one!

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