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New Skin Retouching Course on Our New Streaming Platform

Last week we released our brand new Skin Retouching video course exclusively to our RA Inner Circle subscribers. Our students’ feedback has been great and we decided to extend the release sale for another week to allow our blog readers and social media followers to take advantage of the release discount (although slightly smaller than the RA Inner Circle offer) as well.

The Skin Retouching course is available on our new streaming platform located at, and now you can conveniently continue learning even when you are away from your desk and watch the lessons on your mobile devices via this mobile app.

However, be sure to download all practice files and custom actions that come with the course on your computer.

This is our first course on this platform and only the Skin Retouching course customers will have their accounts on here. If you are one, you can log in to continue watching the course via this link, or via the YOUR COURSE LIBRARY menu item in the top navigation bar on this very website.

Please note, this new account is not the same as your RA Panels account and your old RA video course purchases are not on here either (please visit this quick guide to your RA accounts).

Use the SKIN30OFF coupon code FOR $30 OFF 

Skin Retouching Video Course

Please note that this coupon code will expire at 11:59pm on Sunday, Sep 06, 2020 (LA time).


You will be prompted to create your new account on our subdomain where your new Course Library will be located. Just to reiterate, none of your previous RA purchases were made on this new platform (please visit this guide to RA Accounts).


Once you have completed the purchase and logged into your new account, please read the Welcome to the Course page to find where you can download the bonus materials.

Here is what we’ve included in this course:

Module 1: Skin Retouching Fundamentals

  • Welcome to the Course
  • Quality Skin Retouching (10:28)
  • Understanding Lighting & Skin Texture Variations, Parts 1-2 (13:11)
  • Photoshop Tools for Skin Retouching (6:14)
  • Healing Brushes (13:54)
  • Brush Tool (7:58)
  • Working With Layers (11:15)
  • Masking (9:12)
  • Selections (13:01)

Module 2: Essential Skin Retouching Techniques

  • Raw File Processing: Capture One & Camera Raw (17:01)
  • Raw File Processing: Bit Depth (3:28)
  • Basic Cleanup (17:24)
  • Frequency Separation, Parts 1-3 (31:14)
  • Clone Stamp Tool in Practice (6:19)
  • Dodging & Burning, Parts 1-3 (27:36)
  • D&B: Micro, Part 4 (10:49)
  • D&B: Contouring, Part 5 (11:42)
  • Color Corrections, Parts 1-3 (44:04)
  • Putting It All Together (6:28)

Module 3: Common Skin Retouching Issues

  • Tackling Difficult Skin with FS (14:55)
  • Oily Skin (13:29)
  • Dark Skin, Parts 1-2 (45:27)
  • Under Eye Bags (8:34)
  • Aging Skin (13:42)
  • Chapped Lips (19:15)
  • Peach Fuzz (11:29)
  • Eye Area Texture (8:43)
  • Spray Tan (13:37)

Module 4: Other Common Challenges

  • Forearm Hair (13:35)
  • Nails (10:08)
  • Hands, Parts 1-2 (13:30)


Find the details on the location of these downloadable materials on the Welcome to the Course page (Lesson 1):

  • 2 Custom action sets that Michael is using in the lessons;
  • 7 Practice files in Raw & PSD formats, photographed by Michael and Julia.

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