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The Best Use Of Photoshop Ever!

I think I have just discovered my new favorite Photoshop artist 😀

How awesome is that in the times when Photoshop and retouching seem to be getting a lot of kicks and frowns, one dad is using it to make his kids – and so many people around the globe – happy!

“If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had to feign pride at the plethora of images your kids enthusiastically give you… especially when their portraits aren’t so flattering.

One dad wanted to show his children, and the rest of the world, what their creations really look like when applied to the real world. Tom Curtis turned to Photoshop to recreate some of the characters his kids have drawn… He has photoshopped his own face, animals, and cars to resemble the ones his sons Al and Dom have drawn” –

Go ahead and scroll through this amusing page of very special art created by the Curtis family and give them some love: @thingsihavedrawn.

Here are some of the masterpieces that made me laugh till I cried, and there is so much more on their Instagram page:

Source: Dad uses Photoshop to turn his kids’ drawings into reality by


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