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Apple Releasing a Pro-Focused Mac Mini and Low-Cost MacBook Air

Apple Inc. recently announced the upcoming  pro-focused Mac Mini and a new “low-cost” MacBook Air. The new laptop is rumored to include a Retina Display and said to have thinner bezels, but will look similar to the company’s current MacBook models.

The MacBook Air is the only MacBook without a high-resolution display and costs roughly $1,000. Last year it was upgraded with faster processor options, but hasn’t seen a complete overhaul in years.

The 12″ MacBook was at one point considered a replacement to the Air. However, its starting price of $1,300 was out of reach for many consumers. The new MacBook Air has many wondering what sacrifices will be made to keep the price tag low given the addition of a Retina Display. When asked by Bloomberg reporters, Apple spokesman Bill Evans declined to comment.

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Apple is also planning a long overdue refresh of the Mac Mini. The Mini is a stand-alone computer, does not come with a display or any accessories and is priced at $499.99. The computer is popular with app developers and is commonly used for server farms and as media centers due to its low cost.

MacBook Pro laptops at an Apple store in Brooklyn, New York. Photographer: Mark Kauzlarich/Bloomberg

Apple hopes to target creative professionals with new, more-powerful processors and storage options. We expect to see a significant increase in price with the updated pro hardware options.

Many photographers and retouching artists prefer to use third-party monitors, tablets, and other accessories so this is exciting news for the industry. Apple typically launch their new line of computers in October following the new iPhone launch.

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What’s more, the company is also launching its new operating system named “Mojave.” The new OS will have new file sorting features and will have the ability to run iPad apps. In addition to all this, Apple announced the planning stages of updating the Mac Pro line set to be released sometime next year.


Source: Bloomberg | Feature Image: Apple

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