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Quickly Learn the Curvature Pen Tool in Photoshop CC 2018

The Curvature Pen Tool is one of the most exciting new features brought to Photoshop CC 2018, making selecting and masking a breeze. 

This quick video tutorial will have you using this powerful new tool in no time.

The Pen Tool has been a staple of Photoshop for years, and has often been viewed as a complicated, unsung hero in the world of post-production.

We previously covered the usefulness of this tool for creating accurate Paths, Shapes, and Selections. With the introduction of the Curvature Pen Tool, creating paths of a less geometric nature are made infinitely easier.

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In the video above by Photoshop Amateur, the Curvature Pen Tool is used to demonstrate how quickly archways and headlights can be selected within seconds. To locate the Curvature Pen tool, you must click and hold onto the Pen Tool itself, to reveal the other options. Once the Curvature Pen Tool is selected, an additional new feature to take advantage of is Path Options, which allow you to customize the color and thickness of your path.

Set to a Path by default, you will begin by clicking on the area of the image where you wish to set your first Anchor Point. Then, you will select your second Anchor Point, which will still render your segment as a straight line, similar to how the Pen Tool normally functions.

The third Anchor Point is when the path will be curved, and begins to showcase the magic of the Curvature Pen Tool. Once you have closed off and adjusted your Path, you can convert it to a Shape, Selection, or a Mask, moving onto the next step of your workflow in seconds.

With the added precision of this tool, you will no longer have to fight with tricky Bezier handles, and can make your selections quickly, and accurately.


Source & Image: Photoshop Amateur

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