get perfect skin tones using curves adjustment in photoshop
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4 Great Methods to Perfect Skin Tones Using Curves in Photoshop

Correcting and controlling color, especially in skin tones, is an imperative part of the retouching process. Skin tone can be impacted by a variety of causes, such as lighting setups, the surrounding environment, as well as how the camera sensor captures the color of the skin in and of itself.

A model photographed in a studio, who is then photographed outdoors surrounded by green foliage will have a drastically different skin tone in both images. This is why you must learn your preferred method for correcting skin tone because perfected skin texture can be ruined by an unflattering color to the skin.

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This in-depth video tutorial by PiXimperfect will show you how you can use Curves to target and correct skin tones.

In this demonstration, you will see four different scenarios, ranging from mild skin tone concerns to major, and how the Curves Adjustment Layer, Hue/Saturation, and Layer Masks can help you make skin look healthy and flattering.

Source: PiXimperfect | Featured Image – Photo: Kendra Paige | Model: Stephanie Peterson @ Wilhelmina Miami | Styling: Anthony Bermudez | HMUA: Bryin Smoot @ Agency Gerard | Assistant: Yelssing Espinoza | Retoucher: Helen Voronych

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    Wow, I was looking for a solution. to this. It’s taken hours to try and match colors. This will save soooooo much time. Thank you for sharing!

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