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Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Photography Plan

Adobe has launched a brand new version of Adobe Lightroom, along with a host of popularly requested new features for Photoshop CC 2018 and Lightroom Classic CC. With these feature-filled upgrades, Adobe has released several options for their monthly subscription plans for photographers.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

With a shiny new name, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC looks just like the desktop version that many users have come to love, with the changes they’ve been clamoring for. Adobe Lightroom’s performance issues have been a top concern for photographers, and Adobe had answered that rallying cry.

Lightroom Classic CC is noticeably faster in nearly all areas, particularly when launching the application, importing files, switching between modes, generating previews, and many other operations that put time back in your pocket.

Aside from speed improvements, their newly introduced Range Masking brings color- and luminosity-based masking to photographs, for quick yet accurate editing, along with a few other updates.

Adobe Lightroom CC

With a whole new approach to the Lightroom franchise, Lightroom CC’s top priority is immediate syncing across all devices. As mobile devices become increasingly more ubiquitous with professional artists, having your edited Lightroom files available on your phone and tablet makes managing social media content or editing on the go much more effective.

While cloud syncing brings with it a lot of utility, the application itself feels a bit simplified, because it is.

Many of the features that are available within Lightroom Classic CC are missing from Lightroom CC. This means that veteran users may need to assess what tools are vital for them, versus the benefits they gain from cloud-stored originals and the ability to work from virtually any internet connected device.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

The list of new features within Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 is a long one.

Brushes have received a lot of special attention, with a revamped organization system, performance improvements, brush stroke smoothing, and over a thousand exclusive brushes from illustrator Kyle T. Webster to kick off your imagination.

The new Curvature Pen Tool supersedes the classic Bezier handles by allowing you to manipulate segments directly and with ease.

Your Lightroom photo library is now also accessible for those using Lightroom CC, granting a more seamless transition between both applications.

The Creative Cloud Photography Plan

With three new drastically changed applications existing within Adobe’s photography sphere, it is no surprise that the plans have also been revised.

The good news is that users can have Photoshop and Lightroom Classic CC, along with 20GB of cloud storage, for the same $9.99/month that they have grown accustomed to.

For users wishing to experience Lightroom CC, however, they’ll have to spend the same $9.99/month for it alone, or pay $19.99/month to enjoy Photoshop, Lightroom CC, and 1TB of cloud storage.

The bad news, for some, was the absence of a perpetual, stand-alone license for Lightroom. If you want to have the most recent updates, RAW support, and latest features, you’ll need to give into Adobe’s subscription plan. Fortunately, at $120 or $240 a year, it’s an affordable operating cost for most professional visual artists.

Source: Adobe

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