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Everything You Need To Know To Love The Pen Tool

In this video we will talk about the Pen Tool and how you can make and adjust precise and complex selections using this tool.

The Pen Tool is one of the most highly underestimated and underused tools in Photoshop and we want to show you how great and useful it actually is.


  • The Pen Tools is great for making Paths > Paths can be turned into Shapes, which can further be turned into 3D extrusions.
  • Photographers and retouchers typically use the Pen Tool to make and easily adjust complex selections.
  • Click and drag to create a point and a line.
  • Pull handles to curve the lines between points.
  • Hold Option (Alt) key to adjust and manipulate the shape of any of the created curves.
  • Hold Command (Control) key to adjust and move around any of the created points.
  • Close your Path by clicking on the first point you’ve created.
  • Save your Paths and create new ones if you need more selections.

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