using color calibration profiles in adobe lightroom
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How to Use Color Calibration Profiles in Lightroom

Effective use of color should be a top priority for all retouchers and photographers. While there are multiple ways to manage colors, one particularly underused yet simple feature is the Camera Calibration tool within Adobe Lightroom.

In this video tutorial by Dublin-based fashion photographer, Anita Sadowska, she shares her workflow for getting the most out of her camera’s colors. Topics covered in this video include: the Camera Calibration Tool, Lens Corrections, Profile Corrections, Curves Adjustment, as well as duplicating layers within Photoshop to compare results.

Anita demonstrates how changing color profiles can drastically impact the tones of a photograph, while demystifying just what Profile Corrections can be used for in order to correct distortion or vignettes. As a photographer with experience using both Nikon and Canon bodies, Anita explains which settings create the best result for her.

Like many hidden gems within Lightroom, we hope that this video will uncloak these color management tools for you to add to your own workflow.

To view our previous article on one of Anita’s tutorials, click here.

Editor’s Note: A recent update to Lightroom has improved this feature drastically. Learn more in our recent article by Gerry Kingsley here.

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