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Find Out How That Photo Was Edited With Pixel Peeper

Have you ever admired a photograph and wondered just how they achieved that look in post? If you have, and the photographer used Adobe Lightroom, then you’re in luck! Web developer, Piotr Chmolowski, has launched a website that lifts the veil on how images were edited, with Pixel Peeper.

Pixel Peeper is a simple web application that allows you to view detailed EXIF data, as well as adjustments used in Lightroom. For those that are beginning to grasp processing photos through Lightroom, it can be a great resource for seeing the cause and effect of various Lightroom adjustments.

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The interface is very user-friendly, allowing you to drag and drop your desired JPEG right into it, on mobiles and on a desktop. The website uses JavaScript to render the data, which occurs instantaneously, without having to store your file on Pixel Peeper’s server. EXIF data including detailed camera settings will appear below the image, with Lightroom adjustments to the right.

pixel peeper has a user friendly interface

While this tool works well for those JPEGs that have this information embedded, there are many instances where files are stripped of that data. Instagram and other social media sites remove this data, so that will be a dead end. Lightroom users can also select to “Remove All Metadata” when exporting their files in order to remove those details.

While many of you may be hoping to see what actions were taken within Photoshop, that wish is going to go unfulfilled, as Photoshop does not embed the same kind of metadata that Lightroom does. Though, as stated in their Q&A, there may be hope for Adobe Camera Raw.

If you are interested in giving Pixel Peeper a try, visit their website at: pixelpeeper.io

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