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How To Prepare Your Images For Print

As retouchers, we enhance, polish, and perfect images in order to create a beautiful final result. Part of our role is to ensure that wherever the images are displayed, they are shown in the best light. Our laser-focused attention to detail should not stop once the image is retouched, but should continue through the printing stage when our work is meant for print.

That extra step can mean the difference between seeing your work exactly how you meant for it to appear in print, or to see it with muddled, inaccurate colors, lacking in contrast, and in clarity. Any of those will result in an unhappy client, or degrade the quality of your hard work.

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This wonderfully informative video tutorial by Retouching Academy’s own Michael Woloszynowicz will arm you with all of the tools you need to perfectly prepare your images for print within Photoshop. Whether your images are meant for a magazine editorial, destined for display in a storefront, going to a wedding album, or you’re preparing photographs for a print portfolio, these steps will help to demystify the reasons behind color calibration and ICC profiles.

Many of you will recognize Michael Woloszynowicz from his Master Dodge & Burn and Color Grade Video Courses, which are perfect courses to help streamline your workflow and improve your techniques in order to produce images like in this tutorial.

And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Michael’s latest video course titled Skin Retouching. Our ultimate purpose with this Signature Course by Michael Woloszynowicz is that you come away with a great deal of confidence in tackling a variety of retouching skin problems and, after an adequate amount of practice, end up producing results that are both more polished and more natural.

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