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5 Hidden Tricks for Speeding up Your Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a robust application with hundreds of tools, making it very possible to discover entirely new techniques years into using it. Lightroom is not just a powerful RAW Converter, but it is a fantastic program for organizing your images and editing them quickly. To showcase new ways for photographers and retouchers to improve their workflow, we have previously shared similar videos for helpful new techniques in Lightroom. Fortunately, this tutorial is no different and is packed with new methods that you might have not thought to try before.

In this short video by Chelsea Nicole, you will learn five useful tricks that you’ll want to put into practice immediately. These new hacks will assist you with soft-proofing your images before they’re published to social media, grant you a quick way to ensure consistent exposure over multiple images, improve your accuracy with color adjustments, and better methods for applying specific changes in a snap.

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Watch the video below, and let us know which tip was your favorite in the comments:


Source: Chelsea Nicole | Featured Image: Pexels

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