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Lightroom Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

Adobe Lightroom is a robust application with many features under the hood for photographers and retouchers. Leveraging all of its capabilities requires an amount of familiarization, and this three-minute video is a perfect option for picking up nearly twenty time-saving shortcuts.

In the video above, Toronto-based photographer, Lucy Martin, showcases the following shortcuts and hotkeys that she repeatedly employs in her workflow.

G – Go to Grid (Library Mode)
E – Enter Loupe View
L – Lights Out
P – Pick/Flag Photo
X – Reject Photo
Caps Lock – Auto Next Photo
CMD + Delete – Delete all Rejects
D – Go to Develop Module
\ – Before & After Shortcut Key Lightroom
Y – Before & After Side-by-Side
V – Black & White
R – Resize & Rotate (Crop)
Q – Spot Removal Tool
H – Hide Adjustment Pins
CMD + Z – Undo Last Action
CMD + C – Copy Develop Settings
CMD + P – Paste Develop Settings
CMD + / – Show All Shortcuts

The first shortcut we tend to learn on a computer is CMD/CTRL + C & CMD/CTRL + V to copy and paste, making the alternative of hunting for the menu drop downs unthinkably slow. Commit the above shortcuts to memory, and see how much faster your commonly used tasks become.

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Source: Lucy Martin | Image Source – Photo: Kendra Paige | Model: Kennedi Ireland @ Elite Miami | Stylist: Cristina V Garzon | Beauty: Bri Soffa | Hair: Amanda Paige @ Agency Gerard | Retouch: Svetlana Pasechnik

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