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How to Change the Default Develop Settings in Lightroom

The way color is captured in-camera can differ between brands, models, and lenses. When you first import your photographs to your RAW Converter of choice, you may find yourself making the same adjustments again and again. Or, you may shoot with different camera bodies, but want a consistent look regardless of your equipment.

Fortunately, you can change the Default Develop Settings in Adobe Lightroom to accomplish just that. This way, when you import files from that particular model of camera, Lightroom will automatically apply whatever color shifts, detail changes, lens corrections, or other settings that you select, even if you elect to Reset your changes.

The new defaults that you create will be your new baseline, which can save you a ton of time during post-production.

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To change your default settings, you should first examine a set of images that best represent your typical shooting style. These can be taken with a lens you use the most, or in typical lighting conditions.

Then, make the desired adjustments within the Develop Module to aspects that you commonly adjust after importing photographs. Be mindful that the adjustments you make will become the new standard, so reconsider any changes that may be more situation-specific.

Once you have your example image developed precisely the way you like it, we recommend using the “Sync” function to apply those same Develop Settings to a few other images. If you’re pleased with those results, then it is time to commit to your new Default Settings.

Click Develop at the top of the menu bar, then select Set Default Settings. Once that dialog box opens, click on Update to Current Settings, and you are all set!

Watch the following video tutorial by Thomas Fitzgerald to see these steps in action, and take advantage of this little-known time-saving feature in Lightroom.

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald | Featured Image: Shutterstock

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