Making of “The Reflection Of Me” by Isaac Alvarez

Welcome our next guest artist Isaac Alvarez to continue our Making Of segment with the creation of his fun and dog-loving  portrait series “Reflection of Me”. I hope you enjoy hearing how this project came about and what tools Isaac used to create these captivating images: I always wondered: if dogs lived like humans, how would they act or what jobs

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Adobe Photoshop CC2017 is Released: Reinstall Your RA Panels

Adobe has rolled out the new Photoshop CC 2017 that uses Adobe’s new Sensei automation engine to improve your productivity. Among the new features you fill find: In-App Search: Quickly search for Photoshop menus, tools, panels and more from within Photoshop using a new search panel (press Cmd (or Ctrl) +F or click on the new search symbol  in the upper right corner

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Important! Adobe Photoshop 2015.5 Upgrade (6/20/2016)

Dear RA Panels users! The new Photoshop 2015.5 upgrade will require updated 3rd party plugins and extensions, including RA Panels.  If you have previously installed the Beauty Retouch v.3.0 in your Photoshop CC2015, you can find the updated version for Photoshop 2015.5 in your Member Area. Simply download the new ZIP file, decompress and install it following the same

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Camera Sensors, Megapixels and How They Affect Post-Production Results

We are excited to share a guest article from Ontario-based commercial photographer Gerry Kingsley: In this article I’d like to talk about the difference between sensor types, sizes, megapixels and how they affect post-production, while keeping the technicalities to a minimum. Sensors Sensors today come in a few different types and various sizes. The two most common

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Printing Your Work On Different Substrates

I am very happy to share yet another great article from our friends, professional Berlin-based printing lab, that is serving artists around the world offering exceptional quality prints, Today Jan-Ole Schmidt, photographer and Product Manager at WhiteWall, talks about different substrates that WhiteWall customers can print their work on. What Photographs on Different Substrates Express If you’re

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RA Quick Tip Video: Choosing & Replacing Wacom Stylus Nibs

If you have not changed your standard stylus nib ever since you purchased your Wacom tablet, take a peek into your pen stand and try different nibs until you find the one that works best for you.

If your favorite stylus nibs that you have been working with have worn out, don’t worry – replacement nibs are inexpensive, and there are 5 of them in each pack.  So if retouching is your job it might make sense for you to try different types and find the one that feels the most convenient for you.

Here are some of my thoughts on the nib types that I have worked with. Please note that I work on an Intuos tablet and if you’re using Bamboo or Cintiq, just make sure you peek into the Specifications before you purchase your new nibs when the time comes.

Standard nibs are hard to the touch and they make me feel like scratching the surface of the tablet. So, these are not my favorite. And some reviews suggest that these nibs wear out fast.

Hard felt nibs can be compared to “pencil on paper” kind of feel. These nibs also wear out relatively fast, but this depends on your habits and how hard you press on your stylus.

Stroke Nibs are great, they are soft with a “brush-like” feel. But for me personally they feel a little bit too soft. They slide along the surface a little too easy, so I notice that my brush strokes become a little wobbly and it’s harder for me to control them when I work with these nibs.

My personal favorite is the Flex Nib. These nibs are equipped with a little rubber tip and, while they are softer than Standard and Hard Felt Nibs,  they don’t slide on the tablet surface like the Stroke nib thanks to the rubber tip. I have a lot more control and confidence in every brush stroke.

Hope this helps in finding your own personal favorite!

RETOUCHED Magazine Debut on iTunes Newsstand

We are happy to announce the debut of [RE]TOUCHED magazine on the Apple iTunes Newsstand!   [RE]TOUCHED is a new interactive tablet-based magazine designed to give photographers and retouchers the tools, techniques, and insights they need to hone their retouching skills and excel in their businesses. Interactive tutorials, articles, interviews and downloadable bonus materials in every issue published

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