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New Round! Beauty Retouching Challenge #2


Our first Beauty Retouching Challenge went really well and over 200 artists of all skill levels submitted their retouches to the Challenge album.

The Challenge #1 winner Axelle Manfrini‎ ( now has 10x voting power in the new Challenge round 🙂

Now, many community members are keen to do another round, so join us if you have not yet participated!


📌 RA Beauty Retouching Challenge #2 started on March 31st, 2020;
📌 Retouched Challenge Images are to be submitted by participants directly into a designated album in the RA Facebook group by 11:59pm Pacific Time on April 5th, 2020.
 Our group is private, so please be sure to answer all 3 questions when joining to be approved by our moderators.
All RA community members will vote with their Likes under the submitted retouches;
📌 The winner, whose retouched Challenge Image will have the most votes by April 8th, 2020 will receive respect, bragging rights and a 10x vote power for the next Challenge round!

Enter to download the Challenge Image:

We are looking forward to seeing your submission. Happy Retouching!

Stay safe and well!

over 200 Challenge submissions in the RA Beauty Retouching Challenge #1 Album

RA Beauty Retouching Challenge #2, Photo by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

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