Our Powerful Beauty Retouch Bundle is On Sale This Week

We are running a flash sale this week to bring our BEAUTY RETOUCH BUNDLE into the spotlight!

In this powerful 2-course bundle @juliakuzmenko and @michaelwoloszynowicz share their refined beauty retouching tools, techniques, and methods that they use in personal and commercial photography work:⁠ ⁠


✅  Learn essential and advanced beauty retouching techniques and conquer retouching skin and hair challenges with confidence.

✅  Learn to expertly recognize and address unflattering elements in images and tackle common retouching issues with ease.

✅  Learn time-saving and strategic workflows, our efficient tried-and-true methods, and multiple solution options to common retouching issues.

✅  Learn to achieve natural, stunning skin and hair that will be accepted and approved by commercial clients.

✅  Build confidence in growing your freelance retouching business. Gain the skills and knowledge to produce natural-looking, professional results consistently.

✅  Land your dream clients! Upgrade your portfolio with pro-level beauty retouching and confidently go after higher-paying clients!

Don’t miss out! This offer expires on March 3, 2024


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