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Guide to the Best Artist Grants and Opportunities for 2023

While retouching artists aren’t usually really independent in their work and art (I guess, apart from AI creations now accessible to all, but that’s a separate topic altogether), we often form partnerships based on commercial and/or artistic interests with photographers and makeup artists, which makes all collaborating parties stronger.

If you are relatively new in the creative industry, chances are you are still looking for photographers to collaborate with in order to build your portfolio.

Try adding an intention of actually creating together, not only offering to help with post-production.

If you have creative ideas for projects that you would love to add to your portfolio, but you are not a photographer – gather a mood- or reference board, describe your idea in writing, and pitch it to photographers whose work you like and would love to collaborate with.

This way you will be more involved in the creative process from start to finish, build stronger connections with other artists, fill your portfolio with the type of images you love to work on, and may even participate in larger projects and take advantage of Artist Grants and Opportunities that are available.

Being a retouching artist shouldn’t limit anyone to only passively taking care of the post-production of creative projects, and it can be a much more fulfilling and rewarding profession than most think.

As in everything else in life, self-imposed limitations are only boundaries produced by the person. These types of limitations are not objective, they are just what we choose to believe to be the limit.

Check out this Guide to the best Artist Grants & Opportunities in 2023 by, and see if anything sparks your inspiration!

Each year the Artwork Archive team goes on a mission to find the best art opportunities, grants, and calls-for-entry for the upcoming year.

Below you will find a list of the top artist residencies, international open calls, artist grants, exhibition opportunities and art competitions that we believe will benefit artists in 2023:

Guide to the Best Artist Opportunities in 2023

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