how to set up and use a wacom graphics tablet for retouching
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How to Set Up and Use a Wacom Tablet

A retoucher should be using the best tool for the job, and there’s really no better choice than a Wacom tablet. While a mouse or trackpad may be what most are familiar with in their day-to-day use, the efficiency you gain with a pen and tablet for post-production is incomparable. Regardless, it can be a jarring experience for first-time users, despite it mimicking a writing utensil, there’s an awkward phase at the start.

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This in-depth tutorial by PHLEARN will make the set up process a breeze. From the installation of drivers to detailed customization options for a Wacom tablet, this video will walk you through the entire process so that you’re ready to work confidently in Photoshop.

Beyond the personalization of a tablet is also a useful overview of the various settings for the Brush tool in Photoshop. Options such as Brush Dynamics and other Brush tool settings go hand in hand with the capability of a graphics tablet. While it is crucial to ensure the peripheral itself is appropriately set up, a working comprehension of how the software will utilize this tool is equally vital.

Whether you’re an experienced tablet user or happen to be unboxing your latest retouching investment, we recommend you sit down and watch this video thoroughly.

Source: PHLEARN | Featured Image: Unsplash

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