five ways to remove any objects in photoshop
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5 Ways to Remove Anything From an Image in Photoshop

Retouching often involves removing distractions and imperfections, so understanding the various techniques for accomplishing this task is essential. There are multiple tools within Photoshop that you can turn to, but appreciating the differences of each will help you to employ the best method for the job. In this demonstration by Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid, you will learn five techniques for removing any objects within Photoshop.

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Video Items:

1. Patch Tool Object Removal (Starts at 00:43)
2. Content-Aware Fill Object Removal (Starts at 02:51)
3. Healing Brush Object Removal (Starts at 05:52)
4. Clone Stamp Object Removal (Starts at 09:21)
5. Perspective Object Removal Using Vanishing Point (Starts at 11:38)

Break out some of your most challenging images, especially those with busy backgrounds or other visual disturbances so you can put these new tricks into practice.

Source: tutvid | Featured Image: Freepik

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