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The Top 20 New Features in Photoshop CC 2019

Adobe’s latest release of Photoshop CC 2019 came with an impressive list of new features that are well worth the upgrade. While some features, such as the Frame Tool, bring in new options like those within InDesign, others will go a long way toward making Photoshop a much more intuitive interface for photographers and retouchers.

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This in-depth video tutorial by Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect details the top twenty new features in a thorough demonstration of each. If 30 minutes is too much time to dedicate to this endeavor, feel free to leverage the following list of timestamps, so you can jump to the features that interest you the most.

00:33 Typing Math in Photoshop
01:15 The Frame Tool
03:12 The Modern Undo
05:09 Blend Mode Preview
06:25 Color Wheel
09:30 Proportional Transform
13:46 Default Sample Text
15:06 Auto-Commit
17:30 Lock Workspace
20:01 Symmetry Mode
22:39 Go Back Home
24:21 2x Select Subject
24:38 Faster Startup in Windows
24:47 ‘Export As’ Performance
25:14 Multiple Artboards Preview
27:29 New Distribute Spacing Options
29:00 Scale UI to Font
30:37 Brand New Content-Aware Fill

Source: PiXimperfect | Adobe | Featured Image – Photo & Retouch: Vuk Bortnik | Model: Analiese Gordon of Busy Models | HMUA: Valentina Pintus

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