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How To Retouch Eyelashes and Eyebrows for Beauty Photographs

When retouching beauty images, the finer details matter. Skin retouching is typically the focus during post-production, considered one of the most critical aspects of quality retouching.

But the difference between amateur retouching and genuinely professional work are details that sometimes get overlooked: hair. Whether it is eyelashes, eyebrows, or facial hair, in a beauty image these can make all the difference. Knowing just how to approach these aspects, however, can be somewhat challenging.

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Today’s video tutorial by Kayleigh June will show you a straightforward method for retouching eyelashes and eyebrows in Photoshop. Using a combination of the Spot Healing Brush, Brush Shape Dynamics, and Dodging & Burning, you will learn how to clean up distracting hairs and makeup, and how to polish the appearance of them to look their best.

I highly recommend following along with a macro beauty photograph or using one of our available RAW files.

With so many retouchers out there, it’s vital to set yourself apart from the rest. Demonstrating your ability to tackle troublesome aspects of a photograph such as eyelashes will help you gain clients that may overlook other retouchers.

When I am considering testing with a new for me retoucher, eyes are one of the first things I look at when surveying their portfolio. When a retoucher pays special attention to eyelashes, it is one of those indicators that tells me that it will be a long working relationship.

If you have been neglecting these details, hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to break out your tablet, check your brush settings, and make those eyebrows and eyes look amazing.

Source: Kayleigh June | Featured Image: Shutterstock

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