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Black Friday Sales at Retouching Academy and Fstoppers

It’s that time of the year again! Grab all of the educational materials you have been eyeballing for a while and walk into 2019 with the newly acquired pro skills!

Take advantage of these incredible deals from now until midnight November 27th EST.

Retouching Academy Deals

Check out these deals on our best-selling premium video courses:

Master Dodge & BurnSave $70 with code BFMDB for a price of $99

Beauty Retouch panel: Save $20 when purchasing via this Black Friday Sale page

Hair RetouchingSave $20 with code BFHR for a price of $54

Color Grade: Save $30 with code BFCG for a price of $59

Studio BeautySave $110 with code BFSB for a price of $89

Bundle: Master D&B + Color Grade: Save $120 with code BFBUNDLE for a price of $138

Fstoppers Deals

Our friends at Fstoppers are currently running a Black Friday Sale on all of their tutorials. The majority of the
Fstoppers photography tutorials include post-production and are very valuable if you are getting into a specific type of photography, even if only as a retoucher.

Knowing how people and things are photographed, understanding light behavior and photographers’ expectations is what helps retouching professionals stand out from the crowd of hobbyists and beginners.

Fstoppers Intro to Lightroom: The Ultimate Crash Course

The Fstoppers Intro to Lightroom: The Ultimate Crash Course has been designed to give you comprehensive ground-up training on creating professional images within Lightroom. If you are new to Lightroom, or simply want to take your developing skills to a new level, this course will guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to professionally post producing images within Lightroom.

This tutorial covers:

  • Creating a Catalog and Importing
  • Interface Module and Basics
  • Scratching the Develop Module Itch
  • Important Pre-Work Optimization
  • Diving into RAW
  • Using the Library Filter System
  • Batch Processing and Synchronizing
  • Maximizing Dynamic Range

Save $30 with code “BF2018” for a price of $99.99

Find further details here.

Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography

Topics Covered In This Tutorial:

  • What to Put on Your Website
  • Marketing to the Right People
  • When to Work for Free VS When to Demand Payment
  • Understanding License Usages
  • Working Direct to Brand vs Through an Advertising Agency
  • How Photography Agents Work
  • Working with Celebrities
  • and much more

Save $50 with code “BF2018” for a price of $249.99

Find further details here.

The Hero Shot: How To Light And Composite Product Photography

This tutorial covers:

  • Shooting multiple products
  • Making Products Levitate
  • Focus Stacking
  • Managing reflections
  • Creating A Small Set

Save $50 with code “BF2018” for a price of $249.99

Find further details here.


Check out all of the Fstoppers Black Friday offers and take advantage of the incredible deals from now until midnight November 27th EST.

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2 thoughts on “Black Friday Sales at Retouching Academy and Fstoppers

  1. Brione says:

    I tried purchasing the color grade course for $59. It said it was available. But when I tried to make the purchase, It was at the regular price. I’ll buy it today for $59 if that price is available.

    1. Julia McKim says:

      Hi Brione,
      You need to enter the promo code once you are in the shopping cart. That’s the code that you see listed across every product in this post.

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