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Huge Summer Sale on Fstoppers!

Our friends at Fstoppers are currently running a huge summer sale for all of their tutorials. Most of those tutorials include post-production and are very valuable if you are getting into a specific type of photography, even if only as a retoucher.

Knowing how things are photographed, understanding light behavior and photographers’ expectations is what helps professional retouchers stand out from the crowd of hobbyists and beginners.

Check out their offers and take advantage of the incredible deals from now until June 5th!

Clay Cook’s Fashion and Editorial Portrait Photography

This tutorial covers:

  • Clay’s Favorite Photography Gear
  • On Location Shooting
  • Post Processing with Jordan Hartley
  • Business and Marketing

Find further details here.


Joey Wright: Swimwear Photography – Lighting, Posing, and Retouching

This tutorial covers:

  • Joey’s complete photography gear and production tools
  • Shooting with natural light
  • Using silver, gold, and white reflectors
  • How to effectively use scrims, flags, strobes and different light modifiers
  • How to choose a model, working with hair and makeup, styling and wardrobe considerations
  • Using lens compression and aperture to your advantage
  • Joey’s Entire Post-Processing Technique, including raw adjustments, skin retouching, and local adjustments (dodge and burn)
  • Business interview about marketing and pricing your work

Find further details here.

Save $50 with code “SUMMER50” for a price of $249.99


Peter Hurley: Illuminating The Face

This tutorial covers:

  • 4.5 Hours Of Technical Lighting
  • Lighting Modifiers Tested On Male And Female Faces
  • Different Genres Of Lighting
  • Seeing Light

Save $75 with code “SUMMER75” for a price of $225.

Find further details here.

Retouching Academy Video Courses & More

Go ahead and check out the Fstoppers Huge Summer Sale page to see all of their offerings!

Our Master Dodge & Burn and Color Grade, as well as Go Pro: Studio Beauty courses are also included in this sale if purchased via Fstoppers website:

Studio Beauty with Julia Kuzmenko McKim:

Save $50 with code “SUMMER50” for a price of $149.99

Master Dodge and Burn Course:

Save $40 with code “SUMMER40” for a price of $129.

Color Grade Video Course:

Save $20 with code “SUMMER20” for a price of $69.

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