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Four Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow in Photoshop

There are many methods for increasing your productivity while working in Adobe Photoshop, but they’re not always obvious. This useful tutorial by Kevin Roodhorst demonstrates four ways for taking control of your time while retouching.

1. Scrubby Zoom

There are several techniques for zooming in and out, but the methods can vary across input device. By enabling the Scrubby Zoom option, found within the Zoom Tool, you can easily zoom in and out.

To do this, regardless of what tool you are in, hit Ctrl (Command on Mac) + Space + Click and drag left or right to zoom in or out.

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2. Rotate View

When masking, clone stamping, or any process that requires precision with your hand, the angle can sometimes be a challenge. By holding down the R key and dragging to the left or right, you can quickly move your canvas around for a better angle. Press the C key to reset the rotation.

3. Transform Options

If you have a layer that you wish to quickly flip or rotate, this can be accomplished without snaking through various dropdowns. Hit Ctrl (Command on Mac) + T, and then right-click to reveal all of your Transform options, such as Flip Horizontal, Rotate 90 Degrees Clockwise, etc.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

If your workflow consistently features recurring tools, adjustments, or layer changes, then you ought to do yourself a favor and learn the keyboard shortcuts for them or create your own.

Watch the video tutorial above to learn some of the most common keyboard shortcuts used in retouching, such as those related to layers and adjustment layers.

While these tips individually may not make a marked difference in your workflow, a combination will certainly aid in picking up the pace.


Source: Kevin Roodhorst | Image Source – Photo: Kendra Paige | Model: Jade Antonie | MUAH: Miki Sarroca | Retouch: Svetlana Pasechnik

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One thought on “Four Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow in Photoshop

  1. Tom says:

    Helpful tips. Also you can rotate canvas with mac trackpad, sometimes its easier/faster than using shortcuts.

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