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Improve Your Retouching By Learning From Make-Up Artists

At Retouching Academy we’ve recently started highlighting blogs, articles and opinion pieces from around the internet that we find compelling and have value for our professional and aspiring professional readers.

In Five Ways To Improve Your Retouching (full of great tips, check it out after this one…) the author mentions the importance of studying make-up fundamentals.

After all, if you have a job to show make-up in its best light, it’s vital to understand what you’re representing.

In this article from, Miami-based photographer Kishore Sawh discusses the importance of studying and understanding make-up to become a well-rounded retoucher.

I believe to this day, that watching women and make-up artists apply make-up, is hugely beneficial to understanding retouching… ~ Kishore Sawh

When dodging and burning, you may want to bring depth and drama to an image by accentuating the way light falls on the face and the shadows it creates. When doing so we must always remain aware of the form of the face and how we affect it by changing local luminosity values, and for this our best teachers can often be make-up artists, professionals who use make-up to achieve the same illusion.

[Make-up tutorials] can transpose very well into Photoshop and Lightroom editing. They will tell you where to highlight, where to darken, what they look to hide, what they look to accent etc…

 ~ Kishore Sawh

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You can read Kishore’s article, with a wider selection of videos, at

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