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Navigating Your RA Accounts: A Quick Guide

With the introduction of our new Course Library housing our streaming courses, we’re here to guide you through managing your RA purchases effectively.

Your RA Panels Account

If you are an RA Panels user, you are already familiar with the RA Panels dedicated website, RA Lab. There, you can access your Member Account for updated panel installation files, video tutorials, and connect with our dedicated RA Panels Support Team.

Your Previously Purchased Courses

If you have purchased our earlier video courses, download links were sent directly to your inbox, and no specific account was required.

If you ever misplace your downloaded course files, simply reach out to us to re-activate and re-send your links, mentioning the email address that you used for purchase.

Color Grade Video Course

$89.00 USD

Dodge & Burn Course

Original price was: $149.00 USD.Current price is: $49.00 USD.

Studio Beauty Video Course

$199.00 USD

Your Course Library for Streaming Courses

Customers of our Retouching Jumpstart, Skin Retouching or Pro Beauty Retouching video courses were prompted to create an account on our streaming platform located at – please access your Course Library through this link.

Alternatively, you can navigate there via the YOUR COURSE LIBRARY menu in the top navigation bar of the Retouching Academy website.

Over time, all courses will transition to this streaming platform.

Our Hair Retouching video course is hosted on the streaming platform now and will appear in your Library if you purchased it after December 2023.

If you purchased this course before December 2023, you can retrieve it through the download links that were delivered to your Inbox at the time of the purchase. Please reach out to us if you need the download links to be re-activated.

Account Consolidation

Note that RA Panels and Course Library accounts cannot be consolidated as they reside on different websites. However, you can update both accounts with the same email address:

  • Update your RA Lab account (RA Panels) details here
  • Update your Course Library account here

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6 thoughts on “Navigating Your RA Accounts: A Quick Guide

  1. Tom Needham says:

    Hi. I have lost my Retouching Academy link. Can this be re-sent please with insstalation guidance?

    1. Julia Kuzmenko McKim says:

      Hi Tom, as mentioned in this very post, please “contact our dedicated RA Panels Support Team“.

  2. chama Ben Kaddour says:

    Hi i can download the panels but is not working in photoshop. I cannot open the extensiess.

    1. Julia McKim says:

      Hi there, please contact our designated RA Panels support on the website where you purchased the panels:
      They do not monitor our blog comments, so please always reach out to them with all of the panels-related questions.

  3. osama says:

    I have updated my Photoshop and suddenly the panel disappeared, I have tried to redownload it and install it but still not found in the Extensions

    1. Julie says:

      Hi there! Please submit a ticket for our designated RA Lab Support Team to help you out for additional assistance:

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