What's New in Lightroom 7.5 Classic and Lightroom 3.6 CC
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New Features in Lightroom Classic 7.5 and Lightroom CC 3.6

Adobe recently released update 7.5 for Lightroom Classic as well as an update for Lightroom CC version 3.6. While these updates aren’t necessarily game-changing, they do come with improvements and fixes worth getting excited over.

New in Lightroom Classic 7.5

  • Support for HEIC (HEIF) Apple’s image format (High Efficiency Image Format) on Windows 10
  • Support for new cameras and lenses
  • Profiles can now be imported via a new “Import” button in the Profile Browser
  • New Blurb Book Styles and Paper Type
    • Added Blurb Magazine and Trade book
    • Standard Layflat has now been added as a Paper Type
  • Customize cells within a page and page number options
  • Upload Presets and Profiles in bulk
    • .zip files can now be directly imported.
  • Presets are now grouped together for better organization, and the Preset manager has the option to hide selected Preset Packs.

Above are just a few of the significant updates, for a full list visit the Lightroom Classic CC v7.5 | August 2018 New Features Summary.

Watch below Matt Kloskowski give a detailed overview of the recent changes in LR 7.5.


New in Lightroom CC 3.6

  • The ability to reduce chromatic aberrations as well as the manual selection of over 1,200 Adobe-created lens profiles
  • Support for HEIC (HEIF) image format
    • Devices running iOS 11 and Android Pie 9.0 now shoot default in HEIC format
  • Pause and resume synchronization within the cloud status tab
  • 15 maximum limit on photo export has been removed.

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Source: Adobe / Matt Kloskowski / Android Police | Feature Image: Pexels

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