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Follow the New Capture One Dedication Campaign

In the newly released Capture One Dedication Campaign, Phase One highlights the dedication and creativity behind professional photography. Check out their new series of videos exploring various photography disciplines through the lens of leading photographers in an effort to inspire professionals.

Phase One, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end digital camera systems and advanced imaging software, today unveils a new brand campaign showcasing the dedication and personal stories behind professional photographers who utilize Capture One in their work. Capture One is the industry’s premier RAW conversion and image editing software.

In a series of videos designed to enable creativity and inspire photographers of all backgrounds to enrich their editing process, the Capture One Dedication Campaign will give voice to three photographers across dance, food and city scape disciplines over the coming weeks.

Today Capture One released a new brand reel, offering an introduction to their dedication to develop a software that supports photographers’ work.

Released March 5th:

Barcelona-based dance and portrait photographer Dayron Vera, who took up photography following his ballet career as a way to stay connected to the art of dance.

Released March 12th:

Patricia Niven, a high-end food photographer in London who strives to create personality in her creative and colorful still-life images of food.

Released March 20th:

New York photographer Humza Deas, a former skateboarder who gets his inspiration from wandering the city streets and capturing its architecture from a unique perspective.

Beginning this month, each photographer will offer a glimpse into the world of his or her unique discipline and tell the story behind one of their most striking images, including how they used Capture One to achieve their best work during the image editing process.

Additionally, in the coming weeks Phase One will announce the details of a photography competition as part of the CaptureOne Dedication Campaign. The competition will be open to public submissions, and allow for participating creatives to connect on their own shared passions and dedication to their photography processes.

Follow the campaign on

The professional choice in image editing software

With specific attention to superior performance, color, quality and customizable workflows, Capture One strives to enable increasingly ambitious photography. In November, Phase One released Capture One 11, a major new version of the image editing software.

This release builds on Capture One’s unmatched color handling, precision-editing tools, seamless tethered support, and native support for more than 400 different camera models. Photographers can now enjoy new, highly responsive tools, workflow enhancements and a finely tuned processing engine.

Capture One 11 was designed to deliver the highest performance on the market in order to meet the demands of the world’s professional photographers, and is available now for purchase by either perpetual license for 299 USD or 279 Euro, or by subscription for 20 USD/EUR per month or 180 USD/EUR prepaid subscription, paid annually.

About Phase One and Capture One

Capture One is the award-winning professional choice in image editing software from Phase One A/S, the world’s leading manufacturer of medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers.

With native support for more than 400 camera models, Capture One advanced software for RAW conversion and image editing features a highly responsive processing engine, unmatched color handling, precision-editing tools, and seamless tethered support.

Established in 1993, Phase One has pioneered the field of digital camera systems and imaging software. Phase One’s engineering and designs have produced imaging breakthroughs from high-resolution camera systems to advanced software.

Today, with control over all aspects of the medium format camera system supply chain, Phase One is uniquely positioned to help photographers and imaging experts everywhere stand out above the competition and realize their creative visions without compromise.

Based in Copenhagen Denmark, Phase One is dedicated to delivering the best image quality and user experience. With offices in New York, Tokyo, Cologne, Shanghai and Tel Aviv, and with its expert teams of global partners, Phase One is committed to serving and supporting its customers worldwide.

Phase One and Capture One are registered trademarks of Phase One A/S. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Image credits: Dayron Vera, kindly provided by the Capture One team as a part of the Dedication Campaign Press Release.

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  1. Wow, these are great results.
    I still only use ACR and Photoshop, but the color toning options are out of this world. I want to give it a try!

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