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What We Can Learn From Cinematography

In recent articles we’ve looked at some of the ways we can study the masters and learn techniques from other disciplines to improve as retouchers.

From makeup artists to illustrators, there are a wealth of artistic fields outside of our own that we can draw knowledge from.

This article from takes a valuable and insightful look at one of the masters of a craft we can learn much from, one of the most recognized cinematographers in Hollywood, Janusz Kaminski.

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Kaminski has worked often with Steven Spielberg and is responsible for the masterful cinematography of Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan.

The whole study is an absolutely fascinating piece and worthy of a thorough read by anyone in the creative arts, but studying the work of cinematographers also opens a whole world of professional wisdom, particularly for the photographer and retoucher.

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It is much easier to lead the audience to what you want to see (in B&W), you either light the face, or you light the background. The eye naturally goes to the brightest object in the scene, rather than to something with bright colour, so it helps us to focus the audience more clearly on the story” – Janusz Kaminski

You can read the full article and download the case study PDF at

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