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Don’t Let Facebook Image Compression Ruin Your Images

So, you just spent hours retouching your perfect shot. Naturally, you want to share it with the world, so you upload it to your Facebook page, only to find your hard work trashed and frankly looking like sh!#t. Well, rumor has it, there is a way to save your photos from the gruesome fate of the Facebook JPG compression. Or at least significantly reduce its impact.

Say Hello to the “Gaussian Noise” layer!

In this Macs Knows video you’ll learn how to prevent your photos from getting trashed by compression artifacts when uploading them to Facebook or other social media sites. The solution lies in the use of soft light layers and “Gaussian Noise”.

All photos will benefit from this method but you will see the most dramatic improvements in photos with a lot of gradients such as skies or large areas of skin tones.

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