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RA Quick Tip: Clone Stamp Settings For Skin Retouching

In this Retouching Academy Quick Tip video we take a look at the Clone Stamp Tool brush settings such as size and hardness, and demonstrate why softer settings can be extremely damaging to skin texture in beauty and portrait retouching.

If you tend to use a low Hardness Clone Stamp tool setting (soft brush), you might be ruining the integrity of skin texture in your images. A couple of small changes to your Clone Stamp set up could help you yield a more professional looking end result.

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5 thoughts on “RA Quick Tip: Clone Stamp Settings For Skin Retouching

  1. Ron Clifford says:

    Great tip!

    1. MasterBeauty says:

      Thank you Ron! 🙂

  2. Marcin Woliński says:

    simple and clear explained

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  4. Rahul Nanda says:

    thanks for the great tip

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