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Mastering Brushes for Dodge & Burn Work. Beauty Retouch Panel Update Details.

I have recently changed the way I work with brushes when Dodging & Burning and they made my D&B work more convenient and precise. I’d like to share why and how this happened and what it led to.

My D&B brush presets are included in the updated Beauty Retouch panel.

The following video overview and my time-lapsed D&B retouch of the practice file are for those who are open to changes and always want to strengthen their fundamental retouching knowledge and skills.

Most likely you already know most of the things I mention in the video, but I’ve tried to summarize the important elements of what there is to know about Photoshop brushes in relation to Dodging & Burning, so they may help you to analyze your own D&B brush work routine and make it better.




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