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Learn Adobe Lightroom in Under 30 Minutes

Adobe Lightroom has been an industry heavyweight for many photographers and retouchers. With each update bringing new features and performance improvements, Lightroom is a fully-loaded RAW Converter, image-editor, and a powerful file management system.

While some photographers and retouchers may prefer to live entirely within Photoshop’s interface, there are many benefits to learning the ins and outs of this software as a complement to Photoshop, especially if you are dealing with large volumes of images.

In my workflow, features like the Image Rating System, Virtual Copies, and Export Tools save me a lot of time and space when culling, editing, and sharing images with my clients for review. The usefulness of Lightroom’s Virtual Copies feature cannot be overstated, as demonstrated by Julia Kuzmenko in this video regarding how she prepares her beauty images in Lightroom before retouching them in Photoshop.

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Today’s video is considered a 30-minute Masterclass on Lightroom, presented by Mango Street. This in-depth tutorial is filled to the gills with tips, tricks, and tools for making the most of Lightroom and its features. Whether you are entirely new to Lightroom, or you’ve used Lightroom for a while, you will walk away from this tutorial with at least one new technique that you can adapt to your workflow.

Timestamps for Tutorial Content:
Getting Started | 00:41
Library Module | 03:06
Develop Module | 04:58
Histogram | 06:27
Tools | 07:03
Basic Adjustments | 10:58
Tone Curve | 14:02
HSL | 15:41
Split Toning | 17:06
Detail | 18:04
Lens Corrections | 19:35
Transform | 21:42
Effects | 22:19
Calibration | 22:46
Editing Faster | 23:43
Exporting | 25:27

Source: Mango Street | Featured Image: Shutterstock

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