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When Retouching Markups Escape!

A few months back, we discussed the importance of markups in the retouching industry. One thing we certainly didn’t explain was that it’s very, very important not to let your markups escape into the wild!

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That’s what happened recently with online retailer Net-A-Porter, when the image below was posted live on their website for several hours.

Oops. Source:

For what it’s worth, I can’t find much to disagree with in their assessment, you certainly don’t want your apparel looking baggy and formless on your online store. Much of the attention of course has been on the note to ‘slim’, but as I see it this is a response to the way the skirt flares too high due to the model’s pose and is unrelated to the model’s weight.

It’s certainly  a hugely embarrassing mistake regardless; and for me a very strong argument for a printed proof and an old fashioned marker pen.

So, in addition to our earlier article, when handling client markups please do always remember the words of Gandalf… ‘is it secret? is it safe!?’



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