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June & July 2014 Mentorship Program Submissions Critiques

Scheduled for Aug 15, 2014 – 8am PDT

Retouching Academy Google + Event page with comments from the Live show:

The judging panel today consists of Julia Kuzmenko McKim (Los Angeles, California), Rebecca Britt (McAllen, Texas), Lulie Talmor (Vancouver, Canada), Brock McFadzean (London, UK), and Greg Agee (Fort Myers, Florida).

Special thanks to Philip Sydow, the RAMP team leader and his team for running this wonderful program and organizing our monthly RAMP video reviews!

Our guest judge today – Florida-based seasoned digital artist Greg Agee:

RA Mentorship Program (RAMP):

You can find June & July 2014 Submissions here.

Each post contains links to layered PSDs as well:

Our goal was to select only a handful of submitted images, among which our potential winners could be, so we did not include the sets where:
1. The final image quality was still not at the average competitive level of this round
2. The difference between the fist and final retouch wasn’t significant

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Yahoo video recognizing Brandon Cawood’s amazing work,

Link to John Flury’s articles on Storytelling in Conceptual Photography – amazing info for ALL artists:

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