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Retouching Academy Mentorship Program – February 2014 Winner Announced

This time we’ve actually got together and looked through the submitted images. We’ve talked about what we thought was done well, as well as what could have been done better. The video ended up being 2 hours long, so next time for our winner selection hangout we will only review 10 submissions (that have potential) to make it shorter.

I apologize for the quality in advance – this is the best Youtube and Google Hangout on Air can do, but I am also linking this post to the album with the images we were reviewing, so you can see the details right there.

Our Team

In this Hangout we had some of our amazing Retouching Academy team members from all over the world:

Michael Woloszynowicz, Photographer, Retoucher and Educator (Toronto, Canada)

Lulie Talmor, High End Beauty and Fashion Retoucher (Vancouver, Canada)

Conny Wallstrom, Fashion and Beauty Photographer (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Rebecca Britt, Commercial & Concert Photographer, Fstoppers Writer (McAllen, Texas)

Brock McFadzean, Commercial Photographer (Brisbane, Australia)

and me, Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Beauty Photographer, Retoucher and Educator (Los Angeles, California).

The Program Guidelines

We really appreciate our Mentees’ and Mentors’ efforts. Please remember that we have specific requirements for the finalist-images in this program – we are mainly looking at the progress and improvement between the first and final retouches. When the finalists are short-listed, we choose the winner – the retouch of the best quality out of the current finalists. We look at colors, how the skin and hair were treated, the overall improvement, the retoucher’s attention to detail.

We wanted to record this video so that all of our community members could watch it and learn something. See what flaws we were noticing and mentioning, and what we thought was done well.

Since this was our first video hangout, we’d like to know what you think, and if you have any suggestions as to how we could make our video critiques better and bring more value.

Here are the images that were submitted by our mentees: submissions album. Watch the video below to see how we’ve picked our winners (and don’t make fun of my frozen face in the beginning of the hangout 🙂 ).

Our February winner:

Photo: Jozef Zidarov
Retouch: Siyana Kasabova Photography
Mentor: Michael Woloszynowicz

Honorable Mention:

Photo & Retouch: Angel J. Rivera Lugo
Mentor: Jesús Vilca


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One thought on “Retouching Academy Mentorship Program – February 2014 Winner Announced

  1. Wes Jerdon says:

    Awesome work everyone! I am hoping to be able to attend a round here soon with either Michael Woloszynowicz or Julia Kuzmenko! This college semester is almost over and I want to be able to devote a good amount of time on the project and techniques.

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