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RAMP – March 2014 Winners Announced

This is becoming a good tradition, and we hope that our RA Mentorship Program can last longer, despite the fact that it is far from perfect at this point. Many RA community members apply and get a spot as a Mentee in the program, and then waste it by not doing anything with this great opportunity to learn from experienced professionals.

We are working on improving our Mentee selection process at the moment, and hope that the program will be helpful for those who really want to learn retouching and get better at it.

Like last time, this video was recorded via Google Hangout on Air, so this is the best quality it can offer. You can also review the album with the rest of  March 2014 submissions here:

We did not review all of them this time, our goal was to select only a handful of retouches, among which our potential winners could be, so we excluded the sets where:

1. The final image quality was still not at the average competitive level of this round (March 2014)
2. The difference between the fist and final retouch wasn’t significant

RA Mentorship Program (RAMP) rules and guidelines can be found here:



Julia Kuzmenko McKim, Los Angeles, USA


Brock McFadzean, Brisbane, AUS
Conny Wallstrom, Gothenburg, Sweden
Lulie Talmor, Vancouver, CA
Michael Woloszynowicz, Toronto, CA
Mikhail Malyugin, Novosibirsk, RUS
Rebecca Britt, McAllen, USA
Stephen Vosloo, Chicago, USA


1. Tales Henn
Mentor: Johan Normén

1 WINNER Tales Henn AA

2. Brent Yoder
Mentor: Mikhail Malyugin

2 Winner5 Brent Yoder BA2


1. Gregg May
Mentor: Rebecca Britt

1 Gregg May

2. Simon Jenkins
Mentor: Michael Woloszynowicz


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