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The Making It Up Beauty Series & Retouching Details

I recently published an article on Fstoppers about one of the Retouching Academy community group members  Juan Sánchez Castillo from Spain and his beautiful series “Making It Up”.  In that article Juan explained how he photographed the images, and exclusively for Retouching Academy he now shares the before and after images from his shoot as well.

Check them out!

Juan Sánchez Castillo: Making It Up

Juan told us that the idea for this unusual Beauty shoot was born from the combination of two passions: his for photography and his wife’s for little figurines. It took him over six months to plan for the shoot and collect all the necessary props. When everything was ready, Juan and his creative team got together in his studio. Everyone was prepared for the project thanks to the secret Pintrest board Juan had created for the team.

You can read about the preparation process and more details about the shoot in my Fstoppers article: The Making Of The Making It Up Beauty Series.

The looks and scenes the team and Juan decided on were:

– Painters at Work
– Faceclimbers
– Playing in the Snow
– The Gardener


For this image Juan only used the Healing Brush and Clone Stamp tool. Dodge & Burn technique to even out the skin, added some contrast for the final image, and desaturated a little the areas with too much of orange tint.

Move the slider across the image to see Before & After.




Same tools and techniques were used for the following image. He also fixed skin color in different parts of the face to unify them.

Move the slider across the image to see Before & After.




Again the Healing Brush tool, Dodge & Burn, and also some differences in skin color between hand and face were fixed here.

Move the slider across the image to see Before & After.




There was a lot of healing brush and cloning of the snow. A lot of Dodge & Burn as well to obtain a final even texture.

Move the slider across the image to see Before & After.



Juan admits, that the retouching part was difficult for this image. The texture of the ‘grass’ was very uneven and required a lot of work with the Clone Stamp tool, the Frequency Separation technique and Dodge & Burn.

Move the slider across the image to see Before & After.


Juan admits that this fun and beautiful series of images was only possible thanks to the great team:

Model: Cristina Martínez
Make up: Lidia Martínez (Agory Make Up Art)
Photography: Juan Sánchez Castillo
Assistant: Abel Belmonte

To see more of Juan’s work, feel free to check out his:
Facebook: Juan Sánchez Castillo – Photographer

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