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Let’s Play! Fun Robocop Retouching Contest & Prizes

UPDATE: The finalists and the Winner are announced on Fstoppers:

The Awesome Robocop Retouching Contest Winners

Congratulations, Jeff Whitlock!


My Fstoppers colleague, NYC based Commercial Photographer Douglas Sonders, is running a fun retouching contest and giving away some sweet prizes!

Douglas recently had an amazing Robocop photo shoot in Arizona, and now he is sharing some of the Raw files with the world, so we can have some fun too.

The Robocop Shoot

The Robocop Photoshoot by Douglas Sonders from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

Download one or all of the provided by Douglas Raw files (at the bottom of his post) and have fun retouching/creating a composite. You can put Robocop on Mars, in the middle of a gunfight, having dinner with you in a family photo, etc. The sky is the limit… although, lets avoid him doing anything that may be considered offensive to the general public 🙂

Here’s an example: Robots in the desert – another contest, that Douglas had organized before.

The Judges

Pratik NaikClint DavisGlyn Dewis, Douglas Sonders himself, Justin Paguia (Douglas’s long time retoucher) and I, Julia Kuzmenko, will all be the judges and this is going to be FUN!

So, dust off your tablets, sharpen your styli and get Photoshopping!

The Prizes

All honorable mentions will be posted on along with links to their websites/online portfolios.

Along with the honor of being named one of the most creative and talented retouchers by our judges, the grand prize winner will receive the following prizes:

    • Full copy of Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 software (retail $299): This is what I use (they put my photo on the box). It’s the best tethering and RAW processing solution on the market. It actually is the best software for processing Phase One RAW files like the ones you will be downloading below, although it does an awesome job processing every other major camera maker’s RAW files as well. I heavily suggest you download the free 30 day trial of Capture One Pro 7 and use it to process the RAW files from this contest.


  • Case Logic Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack (retail $99.99): I have this bag and it’s awesome. It fits my 15″ Macbook Pro, iPad, Wacom tablet, GPS, chargers, etc. It’s also great for travel because you can zip it open without having to pull your laptop out at the airport security lines. It also has a sleeve in the back to easily slide onto your roller bag securely.


  • Tether Tools tethering goodies from my friends at Tether Tools (details announced soon). These guys are awesome. They make everything in my on-location tethering kit from my tether table, to my USB cable from my camera to the computer, iPad holder for displaying images to my clients, and anything else you could ever imaging wanting on set. Check out

The Rules

Head to Douglas’s blog to read the rules: Announcing The Amazing Robocop Retouching Contest! Win Prizes! and download the Raw files.

Remember, you have approximately 9 days.
Deadline is 11:59PM (East Coast US Time) February 14, 2014 to submit your images!

Have fun and good luck!

~ Julia

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