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Announcing the RA Beauty Retouching Contest

We hope that you’ve been inspired by our @retouchingacademy Instagram feed while learning and growing as a retouching artist and member of our Facebook RA Community. Now is your chance to show off your skills and win some cool prizes from Wacom, Capture One, and Retouching Academy!

The contest is open to Beginner and Experienced Enthusiast skill levels. Entries must be submitted by the end of the day on May 15, 2018.


  1. Start here: RA Beauty Retouching Contest to review the official Contest rules and register to enter under the appropriate category;
  2. Download the Contest Image file from the Contest registration email;
  3. Do your best retouch!
  4. Submit your retouched image (only one retouch per entrant) according to the submission instructions in the registration email;
  5. Enter to win our Bonus Prize by also sharing your retouched image on your Facebook and/or Instagram account with hashtag #RAretouchingcontest.

The Contest Images are photographed by Julia Kuzmenko and Michael Woloszynowicz exclusively for Retouching Academy. Check out the BTS video from our shoot:



ENTHUSIAST: Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet (medium size, retail $349.99).

BEGINNER: Wacom Intuos (retail $99.95).


ENTHUSIAST: one Capture One Pro 11 license (retail $299) and the RA Retouching Panels ($69) for Adobe® Photoshop®.

BEGINNER: a choice of the RA courses: Color Grade ($89) or Master D&B ($169), and the RA Retouching Panels for Adobe Photoshop.


For a chance to win our Bonus prize, you can also share your retouched image (after you have submitted it) with hashtag #RAretouchingcontest on your Facebook and/or Instagram pages. Be sure to include proper copyright credit ©Retouching Academy. 

The winning artist will have his or her portfolio reviewed by the creators of the Contest Images, Michael Woloszynowicz and Julia Kuzmenko McKim.


The Contest will be judged based on the following skill levels by Retouching Academy and the Contest sponsors, Wacom and Capture One, in their sole discretion:

  1. Beginner – a hobbyist retouching artist who is still learning the basic beauty, portrait and fashion retouching techniques.
  2. Experienced Enthusiast – a retouching artist who has a good understanding of the key beauty, portrait and fashion retouching techniques and at least two years of experience in performing them for his or her own portfolio, clients or as a hobby.


The Contest Images are selected for each Skill Level with the help of our Instagram followers and members of our RA Facebook Group. Big thanks to everyone who voted!

Image #1 of Joy is for the Beginner Skill Level entrants, and Image #2 of Jenna for the Enthusiast Skill Level:

Good Luck and Happy Retouching!


Image & Video Credits:
Photographers:  Michael Woloszynowicz and  Julia Kuzmenko
Models: Joy, Laura (O Models) & Jenna (O Models)
Makeup Artists: Ernesto Casillas and Vladamua
Hair by Anastasiia Terebova of The Braids Factory
Photographed with broncolor USA lighting 
Videography by Josh Rottman of @emptyduckdigital

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