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The Making Of The Verge Artwork by LightFarm Studios

I was very happy to see an email from Milton Menezes, director of LightFarm Studios, Brazil in our Retouching Academy Facebook page mailbox. The LFS team have just released their “The Verge” artwork along with the making-of video and we’d like to share this beautiful and very elaborate creation with our readers and students.

LightFarm Studios: The Verge

This is the brand new piece on the wall of the Lightfarm’s art gallery. We compiled several weeks of work in this 5-minute making-of video for your appreciation. Enjoy!

Inspired by the book “Rendezvous with Rama” of Arthur C. Clarke, our talented friend Raqsonu Duhu painted the inspiration for lightfarmers Milton Menezes and Chris Chui to put together what would end up being the most complex image we have ever build.

Being mesmerized by the magnetic feeling the concept brings, Milton faced the puzzle of matte painting seamlessly over 100 aerial pictures in Photoshop. In a highly detailed vortex of the world scale proportions to finally set this window of many interpretations.

For the futuristic astronaut, our awarded CGI artist, Chris Chui, went mental on the detailed model, cloth simulation, textures and light rendering. Chris broke through the high end of CGI technology of cloth simulation with Marvelous Designer 3, which made the astronaut’s suit possible.

Thanks to Rafael Vallaperde, hundreds of gigabytes of video capture were selected and carefully edited along the deep beats by the Russian musician Vitaly Ghost.

Lightfarm Studios proudly presents this poetic trip through the making of “The Verge”:

The Verge – Making of from Lightfarm Studios on Vimeo.


Click on the images to enlarge and see the details:















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Official story by LightFarm Studios:
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7 thoughts on “The Making Of The Verge Artwork by LightFarm Studios

  1. Milton Menezes says:


    1. Milton, bring us your drunken aliens!

      1. Milton Menezes says:

        Go for it!

  2. ShawnDWalker says:

    wow… beautiful stuff

  3. Manniphoto says:

    Wow, this is amazing so inspired by this! Great post guys!

  4. Ангел П says:

    восхитительно. Но я влюблена в автора.

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