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Adobe Releases New Features and Updates for Lightroom

There has been no shortage of exciting announcements for digital artists from Adobe MAX 2018. For photographers and retouchers making use of the Adobe photography ecosystem, the latest updates to Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC will be particularly of note.

Lightroom CC Updates

The updates made to Lightroom CC have focused primarily on organizational improvements. People View is a new feature that allows you to find your subjects through facial recognition powered by Adobe Sensei.

This happens automatically, without the user needing to input any tags or identify the people in images, making this an efficient option for tracking down a set featuring a particular model.

Adobe has also significantly improved the ability to Search your library with the inclusion of metadata, keywords, and a suggested search as you type.

people search in adobe lightroom cc 2018

Source: Adobe

Importing and exporting has also seen upgrades with the new Share Tab. While the user-interface itself has gotten a facelift, they have also added the ability to share directly to your Adobe Portfolio, as well as other options that they call Connector.

For those choosing to switch over to Lightroom from a basic photo-editing application like Apple Photos, there is now a Migrator explicitly built for importing images from the Apple Photos library into Lightroom CC.

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Lightroom Classic CC & Camera RAW Updates

Canon shooters will be able to rejoice, as Adobe has improved Tethered Capture for Canon cameras with an up to 2x improvement in transfer time.

A similar upgrade for Nikon cameras will be coming in a future release. General performance enhancements have been made to Lightroom, and it is a substantial difference with much faster processing and load times.

Another notable feature added to Lightroom Classic’s roster is the ability to perform Depth Range Masking. Many smartphones now capture a new level of data called Depth Information, which is a new channel of information similar to a color channel. Lightroom is now able to leverage this additional detail with precise selections that isolate subjects quickly and accurately.

Single-Step HDR Panorama Merge

One of the new features that have gained a lot of buzz in particular, is how vastly simplified the process of creating a HDR Panorama has become. Located underneath the Photo Merge Menu, this once-complicated process now requires a single step.

single step hdr panorama merge in lightroom

Source: Adobe

Watch the following video tutorial by Julieanne Kost to discover what this new feature has to offer, and take advantage of these upgrades and performance improvements.

Source: Adobe | Featured Image Source:

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